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My Mom was having issues sleeping at night; she has tried many supplements and herbal capsules…none have helped. She gave the 2000mg CBD Tincture a try. She does one dropper daily and if she has trouble falling asleep, she will take one more dropper and sleeps soundly, wakes up rested, and feels great! It’s the only thing that has worked for her!

Leah H.

I started taking CBD oil about 2 months ago for my anxiety. I immediately noticed a difference in my overall mood. My stress levels decreased and I felt a sense of peace without feeling drowsy. That is when I knew I had to keep this on hand at all times! I absolutely recommend this for everyone, but especially to those with stressful jobs, anxiety, or trouble sleeping. It calms the mind.

Terra M.

We have an older horse in the barn. He was diagnosed with navicular disease and had a severe soft tissue injury from it. As he was recovering, we started feeding him the CBD Pellets, 1oz twice daily. Within 2 weeks he was literally walking and weight-bearing vs. hopping and guarding the injured leg. It’s absolutely amazing!

CW Elite Cowhorses

I’ve been using and recommending CBD ointment to patients, friends, and family for the last five years. I recently started using the Muscle Cream and am pleased with its effectiveness. The concentration of CBD is higher than the previous product I used and the price is around $40 less. I plan to order the roll-on and the pet tincture too. Highly recommend these products and will be sharing with my chiropractic colleagues.

Jennifer S.

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