One of the most common issues we encounter with CBD use is CBD dosing. People will say that the product simply isn’t working for them. Or that they’ve tried it before but it didn’t do anything. We’d like to suggest a culprit: improper dosing. When you have differing variables of body type, weight, height, composition, and a myriad of physiological factors, experimenting with dosages will get you the best results. And it’ll allow you to give CBD a fair shake! If you’ve never found proper dosing, you’ve never truly allowed the product to do what it’s designed to do.


CBD Dosing 101

Here are a few key players when it comes to selecting the proper dosage for your body: weight, body composition, past interactions with tinctures/oils/medicinals, and sensitivity to allopathic drugs. You know your body and how it has interacted with new substances in the past, be that alcohol or Tylenol. Listen to it and be your own advocate here! Does very little go a long way? Or do you tend to need something with a little more kick to notice results? You can apply similar logic to CBD dosing.


Not all CBD is Created Equal

This might seem obvious, but I think a lot of us tend to take it for granted when we’re acting out our role as the busy consumer. We forget to check labels and see what we’re actually purchasing. Many of the CBD products out there have very low concentrations of CBD in their creams, lotions, and even their tinctures. Take a second to make sure what you’re getting is the best product you’re able to acquire. If you’re grabbing a subpar product, you will, at best, have a subpar experience.


Fast Lane

Ok, so let’s get practical. What do we recommend you start with if you just have no idea where first base is here? Most of our customers prefer the 2000 mg full spectrum hemp extract. It’s got enough oomph to affect most individuals and hits that sweet spot we’re all looking for. If that’s too much, start with less. Or try fewer doses or smaller doses (a full dropper full once a day or when needed is the on-the-bottle recommendation…but that’s a recommendation! Use less if you need to!). Not noticing anything? Up that CBD dosing to the 2500 or use a bit more than the recommended amount. As always, take it easy and slow when you’re introducing new things to your body.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We love chatting CBD dosing with our customers and getting them to live their best lives.